Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) also sometimes called as Magnetic Test (MT) is a non-destructive test method for the detection of surface and sub-surface discontinuities in ferrous materials.

The first step in a magnetic particle inspection is to magnetize the component that is to be inspected. If any defects on or near the surface are present, the defects will create a leakage field. After the component has been magnetized, iron particles, either in a dry or wet suspended form, are applied to the surface of the magnetized part. The particles will be attracted and cluster at the flux leakage fields, thus forming a visible indication that the inspector can detect. The particles are often colored and usually coated with fluorescent dyes that are made visible with a hand-held ultraviolet (UV) light (black light). The test method using fluorescent coated particles is called as Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection or test (FMPI) and the usage of other coloured particles is termed as colour contrast Magnetic Particle Inspection or test (MPI).

Grey magnetic powder 2 kgGeneral Purpose : Dry Method Particles..
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Magnetic Powder Concentrate – Black – Dilution in WaterConcentrate of black magnetic powder, wetting..
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Magnetic Powder Concentrate – Fluorescent – Dilution in Water High Corrosion Protection Fl..
MPI Fluorescent Powder1 kg High fluorescent magnetic powderDilution in water (with concentrate ..
Non-fluorescent Black magnetic powder1 kg5 kg Dilution in water or oil Typical dilution => 1..
Non-fluorescent Red magnetic powder5 kgDilution in water or oilTypical dilution => 10g/L..
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Standard Concentrate Powder Form – Fluorescent5 kgDispersion directly in water.Fluorescent magnetic ..
Standard MPI Concentrate FluorescentUse: 2.5% in Water5 kg1 kg..
Transformer for supplying electromagnets ESX and CEY kind: 220V/48V safety, security 220V/24V HWDC ..
Белая контрастная краска для магнитопорошкового контроля FLUXO 4High Evaporation Rate & High Co..
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