X-Ray chemicals

Processing chemicals for industrial X-ray films.

Ideal for 5-minute automatic or 4-minute manual cycles for processing of all NDT films. Sing..
FOMA DP-I is powder processing bath to prepare developer for manual processing.FOMA DP-I is a p..
Starter Liquid concentrate to activate the developer (FOMA LP-D) before its first usage. ..
Two-components concentrated solution of fixer (Fomadux Fix) and hardener (Fomafix H Hardener) i..
Liquid concentrate for preparing developing bath (together with FOMA LP-DS Starter) and as repl..
Is single-component concentrate for manual processing of industrial X-ray films. The developer..
Fomadux Fix 2x5L + Fotonal 2x1L FOMADUX FIX is concentrate of fixing bath on basis of ammonia th..
FOMAFIX P-I powder form rapid fixer for the manual processing FOMAFIX P-I is a powder form ..
This Fixer Recommended for all NDT and industrial imaging films. Offers improved archivability,..
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