• FOMADUX LP-T Developer for manual processing 5 l

Is single-component concentrate for manual processing of industrial X-ray films. The developer provides high image quality with particularly fine grain and well balanced contrast, making full use of the film speed. Its formula quarantees the product long-lasting stability, prevents deposits formation even with hard water.

FOMADUX LP-T Developer concentrate 1 container of 5 liters. FOMADUX LP-T Developer is diluted with water at 1+3(to 1+4), from one 5 litre packing 20 to 25 litres of processing solution can be made. The processing tank should be closed with cover.




5 min.


As replenisher the concentrate FOMADUX LP-T diluted with water at 1+2(3) is used.

Recommended replenishment for industrial X-ray films is 800 ml/m2. Optimum replenishment conditions are dependent on the way of processing, size of processing tank, the daily processing capacity etc.

FOMADUX LP-T Developer for manual processing 5 l